HTTP response codes, explained

100 – Ok, keep going.
101 – Let’s do the rest of this in Eskimo.

200 – OK.
201 – Added your stuff to my ever-expanding database ok.
202 – Will do what you asked mañana. Go make some coffee.
203 – Here is my copy of what you wanted, It may be a trifle dodgy.
204 – you don’t need it: what you already have is fine.
205 – Did what you asked. Your stuff is now out of date.
206 – Here is the first megabyte of what you wanted.

300 – Ask someone else.
301 – get it from here, from now on
302 – get it from here, for now
303 – You should have asked for this, but it’s ok to have asked for what you did.

400 – You fucked up.
401 – Who TF are you?
402 – You owe me money. Screw you.
403 – You don’t have access to that. At all. Go away.
404 – Wha? never heard of it.
405 – You can’t delete that.
406 – I can’t give you that in UTF-8 encoded plain text. It is a JPEG.
407 – Same as 401, but you are talking to a proxy.
408 – Close your session if you aren’t going to be using it.
409 – I’m busy with it. Ask again after I have finished updating it.
410 – Gone. Used to have it, not there now. So sad.
411 – I don’t talk to people who don’t know how long it will take to ask for what they want.
412 – You told me you didn’t want this.
413 – Go away, DoS attack.
414 – Go away, DoS attack.
415 – I understand XML or www-form-encoded. Please do not send me requests written in crayon.
416 – No, I cannot give you the second megabyte of a 3-byte file.
417 – Not if that’s what you think.

500 – I fucked up.
501 – I don’t do WebDav. Sorry.
502 – Someone else fucked up.
503 – I’m down. You’re lucky to be getting even this.
504 – Geez, they are taking a while. Maybe they are down.
505 – What’s this HTTP/2.0 shit?


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