Federating data with JENA

I am going to attempt here to bring it all together and make some magic happen with SPARQL and RDF. My goal is to run a local and largely blank instance of JENA which fetches data from heterogeneous data sources, and applies reasoning rules over the top.

The goal is to demonstrate that rdf can be useful even without global, worldwide agreement on vocabulary and ontology. The key to making this work is not getting everyone to agree on terms and what they mean by terms, but to get everyone to clearly state what terms they use and what they they mean by them. Hopefully, the subject matter itself means that the meanings are pretty much compatible.

Speaking of meanings: before I continue, I’d like to apologise in advance for my inevitable solecisms. I’m a computing person, not a biologist or taxonomist.

Step 1: Getting JENA going locally

Step 2: Linking the local JENA to more than one external SPARQL service

Step 3: Using OWL to translate the foreign data into a common local vocabulary

Step 4: running a query.


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