Goddamn Hibernate

Hibernate again. I’ve been doing this five years and it’s still and absolute goddamn mystery.
I have a thing T. Thing has other things O. one to many. Don’t want a separate id. Using a compound key. Seems to work – if the database has a thing T(1) in it with other things O(T(1),1), O(T(1),2), then I can read the other things in the collection no sweat.

Now then. Let’s try to create a new T(2) with attached O(t(2), 1). Arrgh! I want T to be the owning side of the relation, with a cascade-delete. Arrgh!
Bloody hate hibernate. I hate all frameworks – rails, grails, velocity, you name it. Loathe them all to kingdom come, every last one. There’s not one that just works.

(update) Ok. Calmer now. Silly error on my part. I can’t say that it’s working, but I can say that it might work.


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