If this doesn’t work this time, I am going home anyway

The thing about having this curated tree thingumajig is that it’s general enough to handle, well, when ever you have a hierarchically organised document that changes over time.

I have managed to get the APC (Australian Plant Census) classification into it (although this is failing in TEST because the psql sequence for ids is capped at 10 million). But the australian plant census is not the only classification around. There is the vexing problem of “what family is this name in?” for – well – everything, really.

You see, names are built from other names. A species name has a genus. But something as basic as family if not really part of the name, as such. We need a classification for where we have put the names as far as our internal systems are concerned: all names – excluded, miscellaneous, what have you. Prior to this, that data was simply part of the name table. As I understand it, the problem as the names people work through what it all means, is that that is simply wrong.

So we need another classification alongside APC in my tree thing.

And this is absolutely not a problem at all. It’s built to do this. It will take the APC, and AFD trees, as well as the APNI classification and all of our other APNI-like classifications (AMANI and so on). Oh, and I have saved a slot for the herbarium classification – ‘CANB’.

But right now, I am attempting to load 188340 names from APNI into my long-suffering postgres instance running on my macbook. In a single transaction. It’s churning its little heart out, but happily it has a solid-state drive so I don’t have to listen to it weep.

It looks frozen. Wait a moment! I just got another line of output! Maybe I need to break this up somehow. Or I could just cheat (because I know that all of the nodes that are currently in state foo need to have bar done to them in this particular import).

9PM, I am going home.


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