JAR file hell with Jena and D2RQ

I would very much like for D2RQ to work as a subgraph inside an existing joseki installation. But sweet baby Jesus I just can’t make the nine million JAR file libraries talk to each other.

Tried to put the D2RQ assembler into joseki. Won’t run without an ‘incubation’ library. Blows up with a class file version exception, which means that the jars were compiled with other versions. Which is nuts, because the version of joseki I am using – 3.3.4 – is the same as is internally inside d2rq.

Tried to put the D2RQ assembler into fuseki. Fuseki attempts to call “init()” on the assembler, which ain’t there. According to the d2rq project, there is no such method on the interface, so clearly d2r was compiled to a different specification of jena than was fuseki.

Tried to launch the joseki that is inside the d2r installation (which obviously works) as a joseki instance rather than a d2r instance. Nope. joseki.rdfserver isn’t there.

Tried to get the d2rq and joseki source so as to compile them together on the same machine. But the build file specifies java versions, the git project HEAD points to a dev branch, and the joseki project isn’t even git.

I am at the stage of hacking up the d2r server code itself – it has the joseki and the d2rq classes living with one another, I have the source and it all compiles and builds ok. Issue is that when it launches, the “go and do it” class creates the d2r graph as a top-level object and as a default graph (from a sparql point of view). This won’t do – I need a top-level graph that is a stuck-together frankenstein that has the d2r component as a mere subsection of what is going on. The “go and do it” returns D2RQModel rather than the interface Model. Happily, I can fix at least that and it still compiles. So maybe I can build the graph that I want internally. But this means learning the programatic interface to jena – I already have assemblers that are correct (it’s just that they won’t run withou colliding into class file version issues). Perhaps just find the source of joseki.rdfserver and copy/paste it into the d2r project? Maybe that’s got a magic “read an assembler and spark up a SPARQL service” method?

If anyone out there has managed to get the d2r assembler working inside fuseki or joseki, or for that matter any implementation of a sparql endpoint, I would be terribly grateful for some tips.


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