Dev Environment

So. To run our app on my local machine I need

  1. A database. Postgres.
  2. An LDAP server. Apache.
  3. The “mapper” webapp. Grails on 7070.
  4. The “services” webapp. Grails on 8080.
  5. The “editor” rebapp. Rails on 3000.

And then it all goes.

Or it did, until I started putting security annotations on the groovy services.

I’m guessing the problem is that the front end – the browser client – needs to pass login cookies to the server app in order to make certain JSON requests, and it won’t do this because the login cookie has a different origin.


  1. Reverse proxy. Squid on (say) 9090.

With a bit of luck, I can explain to squid to send editor requests to the editor and service requests to the services. Hopefully, the web browser will be completely fooled by this and merrily send along the authentication tokens.

I had hoped to avoid needing to know much about Shiro, spring security, and related issues. But, it seems there’s little avoiding it. :(

Man, I’m looking forward to getting my Apple trashcan and not having to wait a minute and a half to bounce everything. Not so much looking forward to putting aaaaall the stuff on it that I am going to need. Dear God I hope it just installs the stuff without undue fuss – gigabytes of crap, starting with XCode (which you need for the C compiler and other basic utilities). I’m going to have to fast-forward 5 years of software installation history at the site I work at, as well as moving to homebrew in place of macports. Maybe I should live-blog it. It’s bound to be hilarious, and involve a huge amount of very bad language.

Must remember not to do it on Wednesday – that’s when the clients drop by to discuss progress.


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