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  1. Hi Paul,
    Just had a question regarding your arduino tacho. I’ve been trying to figure out the code for my own project and found you’ve already done the tacho and from what I can see it doubles as the speedo, which is actually what I’m after. I’m not much of coder yet so just wanted to check which parts of your code needs to be filled in or changed before I load it. It’s probably help to know I’ve go an arduino Nano hooked up to a adafruit stepper motor breakout board with a switec X27.
    Any help you can spare will be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks in advance,
    Adam Christie

    • Paul Murray says:

      Kinda hard to give an answer to that – it all comes down to specifics.

      • Adam Christie says:

        Hi Paul, can you tell me what section is the input frequency and what portion controls the needle movement? Thanks

        • Paul Murray says:

          1) The ring buffer holds the width of the most recent 50 pulses. This gives the frequency. It is populated by the ISR.

          2) It depends on what you mean by ‘control’.

          The speedo object is the stuff that moves the speedo needle, and the speedoSampler object is the stuff that tells speedo where the needle should be. speedoSampler works out where the needle should be by getting data from pin3 via pin3ISR.

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